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My SchoolDays

I have many precious memories of my schooldays.  There were many good teachers who cared for me and taught me well. My favourite lessons were English and History but I enjoyed other lessons too. My secondary school was a boys’ school in east London. We had lots of afterschool activities. We had gymnastics, choir and judo. I am really glad I tried these. One of the highlights of my school life was a time I went camping. We read maps to find the way to different places. My schooldays were a long time ago but I still remember them fondly.


1. What is the main point in this text is:

  1. favourite lessons
  2. lovely schooldays
  3. going camping
  4. afterschool activities

2. Look for the word “precious” in a dictionary. What does it mean?

3. Do you think the photo is 

  1. an old photo 
  2. new photo? 

Why do you think this?

Entry 1 Practice Pages

Here you can find links to online exercises. These are grammar structures you need to know for Entry 1 level. There is lots of practice here. Let me know how you do.

She talks about education.

– simple present
video– present simple 5m
English 4U (15Q mixed)
British Council (6Q on questions)
English-Hilfen (10Q mixed)
myenglishpages (20Q harder)
eslfis (15 Q harder)

She is whispering

images -present continuous
video– present continuous 13m
perfect-english (20Q pos & neg)
GrammarBank (20Q pos)
English-hilfen (10Q on questions)
english-4U (mixed harder)
really -learn english ( 10Q stative)

Has he got a great job?

images– have got
video– have got
agendaweb (15Q)
test-english (10Q)
grammarbank (12Q pos)
montsemorales (15Q pos/neg)
english-4U (20Q harder)

I love tea.

images– count & uncount nouns
video– count & uncount nouns
englisch- hilfen (10Q choice)
englishexercises (30+Q mixed)
englishroom (20Q choice)
learnenglish (10Q harder)
speakspeak (10Q harder)

The three friends are waiting.

images – nouns, number
video – nouns, number
usingenglish (10Q transform)
learnenglish (10 choice)
bastrimbos (20Q crossword)
english4u (40Q spelling)
englishroom (12 Qs intermediate)

I want some food…Please.

images – some/any
video – some/any
perfect english (10Q M Choice)
english the easy way (10 choice)
esl-fis (22Q intermediate vocab)
esl lounge (14 Q dialogue )
ego4U(7 Qs intermediate)

She can teach very well.

images – can/cannot
video – can/cannot
English-hilfen (10Q gapfill)
grammar bank (10Q choice)
ec english (10Q choice)
focusolsztyn (10Q dialogue )
ego4U(7 Qs intermediate)

Write a note.

images – imperative verbs
video – imperative verbs
english4u (10Q M gapfill)
myenglishpages(10Q intermediate)
englishexercise (20Q match)
teachthis (lessons/worksheets)

They met in July.

images – time prepositions
video – time prepositions
perfectenglish (20Q M gapfill)
ego4u (10Q intermediate)
agendaweb (14Q M choice)
ecenglish(10Q M choice interm.)
usingenglish (76Q advanced)

He wrote on the board.

images – place prepositions
video – place prepositions
esolschool (10Q Exercise 1 & 2)
perfect english (20Q gapfill)
esolcourses (10 Qs M choice)
gamestolearnenglish (game)
liveworksheets (interactive pages)